writingjudy_image“You should write a book!” I’ve heard those words since I was a teenager, but God knew there were many more life experiences to be lived. My book has finally happened, one story at a time, a collection of tales to encourage, enlighten, and embolden.

My stories have appeared in the following book compilations:

  • A Path through Suffering
    By Elisabeth Elliot
    Chapter: Perfectly Adapted 
  • Portraits in Courage
    By Dave and Jan Dravecky
    Chapter: With or Without? 
  • All is Calm, All is Bright
    By Cheryl Kirking
    Chapter: Goodwill on Earth 
  • Rest Stops for Busy Moms
    By Susan Titus Osborn
    Chapter: We Met an Angel Today 
  • A Cup of Comfort for Weddings
    By Helen Kay Polaski
    Chapter: The Best of All

My articles have been featured in the following periodicals: Celebrate Life, SpeciaLiving (I currently write a quarterly devotional), InMotion, A New Heart, and The Christian Journal.

Do I detect another book in my belly? Stay tuned.

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