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“The Power of Words” Video

I have been buried in speech writing the past four weeks – hiding out in my cozy office in our home in Grants Pass. My labors grew momentarily lighter watching a mother swallow outside my window as she frantically hunted … Continue reading

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In Christ Nothing is Wasted

How blessed I am when I hear how His Majesty in Brokenness is being used! The following e-mail is from my former roommate, Cathy Binkley Padgett, who I met while attending Campus Crusade for Christ’s IBS at Arrowhead Springs in … Continue reading

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Book Signing – Pros and Cons

I’m totally new at this book publishing stuff. When doors open I wheel through them. When His Majesty in Brokenness first came out, my friend Ginny said, “Let’s do a book signing at the Grant Pass First Friday Nite in … Continue reading

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God is the Keeper of the Keys

My Sally Stuart Christian Writers’ Market Guide ( in the mail this week. Time to cozy up by the fireplace and study the writing market. (All aspiring writers will find Sally’s 500 plus pages of information essential for getting published … Continue reading

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Don’t Fade Before the Big Moment

I was honored to be honored early this month with a book signing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you to Kristin Day, the perfect hostess who welcomed us all into her castle in Portola Valley. Hot cider, scrumptious … Continue reading

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Recouping from Surgery Makes for Lots of Reading Time

Recouping from surgery, especially when recovery is a pain-free, buys lots of reading time. May I strongly recommend the following great reads: Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman ( A Place of Healing by Joni Eareckson Tada ( Life … Continue reading

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Meet Judy Squier, ‘the old lady with no legs’

Every author welcomes a newspaper interview followed by an article about your book in the local paper. But your knees knock as you wait to see how you look in the photo and how your are portrayed by the reporter. … Continue reading

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The Scary but Necessary Task of Peering into our Souls

Writing my book His Majesty in Brokenness was lots of work. Now for the fun part: hearing feedback from readers. I love this Facebook note from Bonnie Phillips: I enjoyed reading your book so much, and now my 3 from … Continue reading

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Don’t Quit Before the Happy Ending

I believe in miracles. Even more so now that my first book is published. This dream could have died a quiet death each time an editor rejected my book proposal. Yes, I’d crawl home after writing conferences in California, New … Continue reading

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