Praying Your Christmas Season Overflows with God Sightings

Living in the names of God describes my life these days as I focus on finishing the Companion Guide/Bible Study to Living in the Names of God. Eighteen Hebrew names of our mighty God are dancing around in my head so that I see Him more than ever in Christmas sermons and music. In Isaiah’s 9:6 and in Handel’s Messiah I detect the presence of El Gibbor (Mighty God) and El Olam (Eternal Father) and Jehovah Shalom (Prince of Peace).

Friends bless me with conversation about their growing awareness of His presence. Just this week my friend Terry talked about meeting El Roi, the God who Sees as he read chapter 7. Terry’s been living life with a paralyzed body for the past thirty years and expressed gratitude that the same El Roi that companioned with Hagar companions with him. He also said he could empathize with my statement about feeling like the poster child for the Neighborhood Outcast.

Penny emailed me the day she started and finished reading Living in the Names of God. Immediately she sat down at her computer and personalized each name ending up with her own stories (possibly a book in the making) of God’s faithfulness in her life. All of that in one day mind you.

Fauneil called the day after Thanksgiving. Recovering from a stroke she declined invitations to dine out and instead feasted and meditated on the Hebrew names of God in my book. Jehovah Shammah was there with her.

Armetha wowed our bible study last year when she read poems she’d written to capture God’s revelation of Himself packaged in His names.

Mia sketches, then paints an artistic rendition of each name one chapter at a time.

One of Mia's Sketches

One of Mia’s Sketches

Yes, the Lord liveth and blesses us with His presence. Oh the joy of meeting Him in the dailies and growing in our understanding of Who He is, how He wants to be known and what He wants to do in our lives.

Speaking of growing, I have a growing collection of items containing the Hebrew names that I love:

Daughter Emily presented me with the perfect 2013 birthday gift as I was writing the chapter book and teaching the names of God bible study.

IMG_0492This bird’s nest is filled with shells, sea glass and driftwood she collected on which she inscribed Elohim, El Elyon, Jehovah, Jehovah Raah, Jehovah Shammah, El Roi, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Tsidkenu, El Shaddai, El Gibbor, Jehovah Jireh, Adonai, Adonai Tsuri, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Mekoddishkem, El Olam and Go’el.

Alma and my bible study women presented me with this names of God wreath. Intermingled with feathers are autographed paper leaves containing each woman’s favorite name of God.

JudySuierBlog_12-4-13-5Cheree, a sister in Christ from Southern Oregon’s JAF Family Retreat, presented me with this priceless plaque the same week we placed our first order for fifty books. The gift arrived in a bag decorated with the names of God.

JudySuierBlog_12-4-13-2My friend Amy placed my book strategically in the seat pocket of an airplane hoping to spread the word about the Lord and about the book. So dear!! Thank you, Amy. And thank you everyone for supporting me in so many ways.

JudySuierBlog_12-4-13-3That’s my update. Now what about you? Have you discovered your favorite name of God yet? Where have you encountered Him this year? I’d love to hear how God has become more personal in your life thanks to His many names.

I’ll keep you posted when in 2014 the Companion Guide/Bible Study is available. My prayer is that it increases your awareness of your Ever-present Companion who longs for you to trust Him in the tough times and thank Him when the good times roll. Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see You.

Haven’t gotten the book yet. It’s available through or through Amazon.

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Life’s Big Moments are Worth Waiting For

“Life is made up of ordinary days, when there’s no one there to praise you and no one to pat you on the back. But throw your very best into today and one day all those ordinary days will make a BIG MOMENT in your life…” – Ann Kiemel Anderson

A BIG MOMENT in our lives! Graduation day. The day we get our driver’s license. Our wedding day. The birth of a child. The job we’ve dreamed of… But what about those BIG MOMENTS that we pray for year after year after year? Those are the ones that seem to grow bigger the longer we wait.

Judy-Squier-PrayingWhen I was in my thirties and forties and fifties, I prayed for something in particular. Every year for thirty years I prayed it would happen. Listening to Dr. Dobson’s fatherly voice five days a week on the Focus on the Family broadcast, I whispered my prayer. Mothering three little girls, wishing I was a mama octopus with eight legs instead of a mama without legs, I prayed. I hung on to Dr. Dobson’s counsel for dear life clinging to each word of encouragement and his tried and true advice. Secretly, year after year, broadcast after broadcast I prayed: “Lord, someday, somehow, make me the person he’s interviewing. Pretty please, Lord.”

Then came Valentines week, 2013. The Squiers were honored to be invited to the Family Talk Gathering with Dr. James Dobson and his staff in Palm Springs, California. For four days we were present in the same room with him, but never actually talked. I contributed a loud wolf whistle one night when he tried to quiet the audience before the program began and one afternoon I spontaneously prayed after someone’s heartfelt speech. Upon returning home to Oregon, I posted my Where’s Dr Dobson? blog, which made it’s way to him thanks to Sydna Masse and LuAnne Crane.

Then came a BIG MOMENT e-mail from Family Talk (I call it the e-mail of the millennium) on April 5, 2013: “We are so pleased to confirm your upcoming interview with Dr. James Dobson on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at our Family Talk offices in Colorado Springs.”

Driving our rental car to the interview that day, I asked David, my dear husband, “Are you nervous?” Yes, he was, and imagine his surprise to hear me report that I had not an ounce of fear. Nervous? Why would I be? Wasn’t I on the brink of a BIG MOMENT in my life? Hadn’t I just that morning written A.P. Answered Prayer by Psalm 37:4 in my Bible? Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

First came a tour of the Family Talk site, then a visit with Dr. Dobson in his office, then we headed to the recording studio for THE INTERVIEW. I sat across from Dr Dobson with only our microphones and a table between us. He introduced me as the author of His Majesty in Brokenness and Living in the Names of God. Next came a question about my childhood, then another and another – lots of questions about my birth, then early childhood, then teen years.

With a PhD in child psychology plus a heart of compassion, Dr. Dobson was greatly disturbed by the delivery room doc’s statement to my father, “Your daughter is going to live I am sorry to say.” He visibly grieved for my father when the church elders came calling to tell him surely his sin had brought on such a calamity.

“How did you feel as that little girl, Judy?”

“No one ever asked me back then how I felt,” I admitted. That surprised and troubled him. By the end of the interview, I felt Dr. Dobson assumed the protective Papa Bear role for my family and me, as we tried to cope and make sense of one of life’s difficult situations, a child with a disability.

Stopped by the clock, Dr. Dobson changed focus of the questions and a second broadcast will be aired regarding the sanctity of human life. We talked about unborn babies with Down syndrome being aborted, we talked about my story being a sanctity of life story. I’m told both interviews will air during sanctity of life month sometime in January, 2014.

Dr. James Dobson with Judy and David Squier

Dr. James Dobson with Judy and David Squier

Looking back, I realize that this interview differed from the three others I’ve done in the past year. Other interviewers have jumped to the happy ending – the orthopedic shoe that God turned to gold, the deformed left hand that now preaches a three-point sermon. But Dr. Dobson’s wisdom chose to highlight the trenches, the boot camp where faith and character grow. He wasn’t afraid to face the beast – we all have one or more – that drives us to the end of ourselves creating in us a need for God.

THANK YOU, Dr. Dobson for escorting and accompanying me back to those early years of pain and shame, for defending me at a time when my family was in too much shock to do so. Thank you for voicing your distress. In so doing you helped me to see our Heavenly Father’s heart. Indeed He, too, was aghast at the obstetrician’s insensitivity; yes, His heart ached when the church elders condemned my father rather than pointing him to Christ’s response about the man blind from birth in John 9:3 It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was in order that the works of God may be displayed in him.

And thank You, Lord, for scheduling this BIG MOMENT in my life and for giving me the patience to keep the squeaky prayer wheel turning. And one more thing, Lord. Dr Dobson and I ask You to use our broadcast to remind others that

No matter what, they are of great value to You;
That in Christ, no suffering is ever wasted;
And that all human brokenness is a potential display case for Your glory, God!

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Note: My two interviews are scheduled to air during sanctity of life month sometime in January, 2014. Please check back on my Upcoming Events Page or Family Talk’s website for more detailed information.

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“Living in the Names of God” is Now available on Kindle

Living-in-Names-of-God_KindleJust wanted to make a special announcement:

Living in the Names of God is now available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.

You can purchase it here.

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Please Join with Me in a Round of the Hallelujah Chorus

Is it Christmas? But it’s August…

Judy-Squier_LivingInNamesOfGod_-1Here I am in the midst of Oregon’s 2013 record-breaking heat wave, and I’m hearing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus as I hug my first copy of my new book Living in the Names of God. Handel’s Messiah provides the perfect musical backdrop for this new book about His Majesty and Me – a book about 18 Old Testament names of God that find their fulfillment in the New Testament’s Messiah, Jesus Christ.

But don’t get scared, Living in the Names of God, is not a heavy-duty book on theology. It’s God’s names and attributes wrapped in autobiography stories about how God has shown up and saved my day again and again for the past twenty years.

“How did I pick the topic?” a friend asked. My answer, “It picked me.” Read Chapter 1 His Majesty and Me: How My Love Affair Began below and see how God met me, a woman, a wife, a mom, a grandma, an individual walking on artificial limbs or wheeling in my wheelchair.

His Majesty and Me
How My Love Affair Began

I will forever remember the Saturday morning in autumn that began with a loud crash followed by an agonizing ouch. You ask me, “Judy, what hurt?”

Actually, my husband David was the one who was hurting when he and his roaring chainsaw fell fifteen feet off a ladder onto our driveway’s blacktop. Come to find out his anklebone was shattered into seventy pieces while doing my honey-do list. His words to the ER nurse who greeted the ambulance were: “You have to save my leg; my wife has none.” She dismissed it as delirium.

David’s accident knocked me off my feet, or more accurately, knocked me off my stumps. Weren’t his legs mine too? Didn’t I, a double amputee walking on artificial limbs, rely on his strong legs for parenting our three children and for balancing our busy household?

That was the year David and I tied for the World’s Most Helpless title as my ordered life toppled during his two-week hospitalization, three surgeries and months of recovery. I changed my name from Judy to Job as one thing after another went kaput. First David’s leg, then the transmission problems on my specially-adapted minivan. Then a broken oven which no repairman could fix with Thanksgiving only three weeks away. Then the worst case of bark beetle the local arborist had ever seen infesting our thirteen sky high Monterey pines. Plus – not good timing – the accident came two days before a mega-remodel on our home was to begin. And, oh, I’d just begun my first term as co-president of our daughters’ school’s PTA.

Unable to get beyond the robotical performance of the necessities, I squeezed out, “God, this is way too BIG! I’ll take all the help You can muster. Send the troops.” Enter Kay Arthur’s book, Lord, I Want to Know You, a devotional study of the names of God.1 First I met El Shaddai, who promised to replace my too little with His so big. His strength met my weakness and carried me across each day’s finish line.

Everyone I encountered – doctors for my husband and doctors for trees, construction workers at our home, the auto and appliance repairmen – heard my daily accounts of a God Who Cares About Every Detail of Our Lives. No one asked questions when a hope-bearing name plaque inscribed with El Shaddai replaced a battle weary Squiers above the front door.

Along with El Shaddai, other Hebrew names of God became household words. El Elyon, the Most High God, was my newfound power source who carried me on His shoulders. Jehovah Raah (Raah! Raah!) became my Shepherd Cheerleader. Jehovah Jireh, the God Who Provides, was true to His word, as He more than provided for our family’s daily needs. God faithfully came to my rescue and downed my giants with a single blow.

Thanks to David’s blessed accident, God showed up on my doorstep. (Actually, He was always there, but I missed seeing Him because I believed the myth that I could handle life on my own.) His troops consisted of eighteen Hebrew names of God, which having met men of old at their point of need now kept their promise to meet me.

No longer just a concept, God became a living presence, a family member, my constant companion every step of the way. What Tim Hansel explains in his book, You Gotta Keep Dancing, describes what happened to me. “The goal in this life we call Christian is that all of our theology become biography.”2 Most definitely the God of my theology intercepted my life and entered my biography. My cry for help was heard by our Almighty God who showed up with His troops and more.

Living in the names of God, what does it look like? My four-year-old granddaughter Brianna provided the answer one morning while her mom was driving her to preschool.

Out of the blue, Brianna asked,
“Mom, Where is God?”
“In heaven,” her mom answered.
“No, He’s sitting in the car
right next to you,” Brianna said.
“Hi God, how are You?” her mom replied.
To which Brianna commented,
“He says He loves you.”*

You just read the introduction, which is followed by eighteen more chapters, one for each of God’s Hebrew names. You’ll learn what the name means, something about its context in Scripture and you’ll discover how knowing God through that name can transform your everyday life. For example: Do you feel inadequate for life’s challenges? Let me introduce you to El Shaddai, the God whose supply exceeds life’s demands. Do you keep coming up short? Meet El Elyon – the God who gives height and dignity to our low places. Are you overcome with that sinking feeling? Then it’s time you make the acquaintance of Adonai Tsuri – the Rock-Solid God who makes us unshakeable.

Soon to follow will be a Bible Study (coming early 2014) for those who want to go deeper. I was working on it recently while on an Alaskan cruise with our family.

Writing one moment . . . napping the next!

Writing one moment . . . napping the next!

My prayer is that you, the reader of Living in the Names of God will experience your own love affair with our unfathomable God whose many names will help you begin to fathom the depths of His person. As you learn His titles, may you begin to recognize His presence in new ways – in songs on Sunday mornings, in daily events and in life’s drama. Expect to hear yourself utter worshipful whoops, “It’s You, Lord.”

I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing which of God’s names are your favorites and how He, through one name or another, has shown up in your own story. Seeing the Lord in our every day evokes Glory-Hallelujahs, so let’s join our voices together no matter what month it is.

Living-in-the-Names-of-God_Cover_medium-resLiving in the Names of God
$10 + shipping & handling
Learn More

“Power comes to its full strength in weakness, the Bible says, and Judy makes that truth visible. She lives her life in and through her Lord and His many names.”
– Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Author & Speaker




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*Excerpted from Living in the Names of God by Judy Squier Copyright © 2013 by Judy Squier. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Where’s Judy?

judy-squier-photoMy last blog entry – Where’s Dr. Dobson – was months ago. The question Where’s Judy is fitting after half a year of silence. Any authors out there will know what I mean when I say, “I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action) in the bowels of book publishing.” Following the most productive writing year of my life, I now sit in the Waiting Room eagerly anticipating the Proof copy of Living in the Names of God: His Majesty and Me.

One year ago on July 11, 2012 God signed me up to teach a Living in the Names of God bible study. Yet-to-write were my book and the accompanying bible study lessons. So my casual writing turned URGENT as I became locked into weekly deadlines of delivering a chapter and a lesson. Twenty-one chapters later the book will be available in August; the bible study will soon follow by the end of the year.

One year later Praise Squier (Alias for Judy Squier; Judy means praise) is singing God’s praise as I thank Him for His faithfulness in the completion of this next book. He’s carried me, inspired me, empowered me and resuscitated me every step of the way.

Living-in-the-Names-of-God_Cover_medium-resI pass on to you a section from the upcoming book about God’s love song, which has wooed me and WOWed. May you, too, hear Him singing. Blessed are we when we wake up and hear God singing His love song with our names in it!

“Yes, God Himself is the song when the music goes out of our lives. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with eighteen of His Hebrew names. Each name has sung a unique love song from God’s heart to mine (and yours).

Remember I created you and have big plans for your life.

Feeling low? Allow Me to be your high.

Whatever you need today, I AM.

Nestle in, little lamb. You’re safe with me, your Good Shepherd.

Feeling alone? You can’t go anywhere that I’m not already there.

Your pain is My pain. Be comforted knowing that I removed pain’s stinger on the cross.

The battle is already won. Trust Me and raise the victory flag.

Allow Me to wipe your smudged slate clean.

Trade in all your insufficiencies for My All-Sufficiencies.

Allow Me to save the day.

My more-than-enough exceeds your never-enough.

Are you ready to hand over your life so I can bless you?

Allow Me to be your rock-solid stability in life’s squalls.

I’m with you in your broken places.
Watch Me use them to heal you.

Experience My peace that guarantees
smooth sailing in every storm.

Believe Me. My work in you will be a WOW!

Fret not. You are heaven-bound and in Me you can enjoy it now.

My Specialty is transforming your wastelands into worshipful wonderlands.

My book Living in the Names of God is SOON to be available. Go to to check on book availability and for ordering.

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Where’s Doctor Dobson?

I can’t imagine my life as Mrs. David Squier nor mother to Emily, Betsy Boop and Naphtalie without the radio broadcasts of Dr. James Dobson, America’s family counselor. How many of us were empowered in our quest to become Godly men and women, husbands and wives and Godly parents – thanks to Dr. Dobson’s daily interviews of people of faith in all walks of life? All the kids in Portola Valley, California knew silence was enforced at the Squier House twice a day – first for Dr. Dobson and then for Paul Harvey.

But then one day about three years ago Jim Dobson disappeared. Tuning into Focus on the Family, I discovered another Jim was broadcasting in his place.

Where’s Dr. Dobson?
Did he retire?
Lord, You know I need his Biblical counsel for grandma-hood!

I’m happy to report Dr. Dobson has been found. We saw him alive and well, stronger than ever, as David and I joined 40 other couples for a Valentine’s weekend in Palm Springs, California. The event was hosted by the entire Dobson family and the staff for a ministry called FamilyTalk, which was birthed the day after Focus on the Family retired their founder in 2010.

Ryan Dobson, Luanne Crane and Dr. Dobson

Ryan Dobson, Luanne Crane and Dr. Dobson

FamilyTalk airs throughout the week for half hour interviews and is hosted by Dr. Dobson ( and co-hosted by his son Ryan and Luanne Crane. The program can be found on 1100 stations throughout the country. (Check the above website) If your town doesn’t yet carry it, you can listen by downloading from Dr. Dobson’s website and click on BROADCASTS (top middle of the screen).

In addition to the beloved radio programs, Dr. Dobson and his staff are tackling the formidable assignment of converting his 40 years of timeless wisdom into the largest, searchable library of family resources ever created using today’s technology. Our computer-savvy children and grandchildren will soon be able to access sound Judeo Christian answers to their endless questions about marriage, family and culture.

Furthermore FamilyTalk expects to complete a brand new eight part film series in 2013 called Building a Family Legacy. Who of us doesn’t remember the Turn Your Hearts Toward Home series in the 80’s, which was viewed by eighty million Americans, one third of the population in the United States?

JudySquierBlog_3-7-13_Dobson-4One more thing: Be sure and get your copy of Dr. Dobson and co-author Kurt Bruner’s first book in a three part series: Fatherless is a novel which vividly imagines a future thirty years down the road in which present-day cultural trends come to sinister fruition. Chapter One is a grabber as we read about the young disabled man being transitioned (a euphemism for euthanized). Why? To relieve his family and his society of any physical, emotional and financial burden. OUCH!

The Squiers left the conference inspired anew by 77 year old Dr. Dobson and his undying commitment to America’s families and to the Judeo-Christian foundation on which our nation was built.

We want to add our names and our resources as one of the 10,000,000 families who FamilyTalk seeks to impact in the next 1000 days.

Now that you, too, know where Dr. Dobson is, here is his contact information if you desire to companion with him to strengthen crumbling marriages, provide resources for stressed families, to speak into our declining culture, to spread the life-changing and nation-changing gospel of Jesus Christ:

FamilyTalk_logo-smallDr. James Dobson’s FamilyTalk,
540 Elkton Drive, Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: 877.732.6825


What an honor for Mr. & Mrs. Squier to meet Dr. & Mrs. Dobson

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Judy on the Slope

I post the following video clip to dispel any remnant myth that I am a Woman of Courage. Judy on the Slope is what my dear husband David put as a caption for my ride down the snow-covered hill in front of our home. Sweet that he didn’t caption it – My Dear Wife Screameth Yet Again.

My January, 2013 ride on the slope resulted when our son-in-law, Beau, decided two year old Luka and four year old Brianna needed to experience a ride on the snow. Watching them bravely and silently ride down our hill, I decided Granny Goose should join the fun. Fun? Fun when it ended, that is, but as you can see the downhill ride pushed this Old Goose’s fear button.

Those who know me well know I begin new situations with fear – until Jesus shows up. Then He and I do things I’d never sign up for – like motherhood, like mission trips to third-world countries, like writing a book, like finishing another book in 2013.

I always say Hannah Hurnard’s classic Hind’s Feet on High Places is the story of my life. Much Afraid and I share not only a disability, but a lack of courage. But fortunately we share the Good Shepherd – her Shepherd is my Shepherd and He manages to get each of us to the high places.

2013 will be filled with unknowns for all of us. My friend Shirley and I had mammograms two weeks ago and she’s scheduled for a double mastectomy. Please pray for her.

Fortunately God limits our vision to the present moment so we don’t know in advance what fearsome surprise tomorrow will bring. I’m told there are more than 365 Bible verses to battle fear – one for every day of the year. I’ve yet to find them all and until I do I’ll just keep screaming when life gets scary knowing that I can count on Jesus to show up to rescue me. And when He does, His presence alone will quiet me as His courage kicks in. His courage you know is big enough for all of us. So Much Afraid Squier is thanking Him in advance for His presence every day of this new year for me and for you.

PS Scream if you must. It sets people free to be real.

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Christmas Greetings 2012


After 33 years of the Squier Christmas photo cards, our Thanksgiving photo shoot was pre-empted by the birth of a new grandson, Nico Christian. Yes, Elizabeth and Beau are busy parents and Granny Goose (Judy) and Pops (David) love having their family nearby. We see our other daughters and their spouses during frequent trips to the SF Bay Area. And in between Judy is busy writing another book while David catches up on some of the things he missed during 40 years at Lockheed.

Above photo from left to right: Judy, David, Emily, Jeremy, Beau & Elizabeth with Luka, Brianna, and a newborn Nico, Naphy & Andrew.


 Celebrating 2 Births in 2012 – Nico & Jesus!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012Topping the Squier’s Thank You list is what our Savior Jesus accomplished on the old rugged cross! Our sins’s crimson stain, He Washed white as snow. . .

Happy Thanksgiving from the Squier Family!

Regarding the photo: David added the cross to the Sheep’s Rest landscape last year at Judy’s request. Amy Mayfield caught the picture with the red leaves flowing down like Christ’s crimson blood! What a Savior!

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Elisabeth Elliot, my friend, has a Special Place in my Heart

10-30-12 Judy Squier Elisabeth Elliot

[Judy and Elisabeth – For both of us, we were much younger twenty plus years ago…]

Elisabeth Elliot has a special place in my heart. Ever since a women’s retreat in the 80’s, where she was the keynote speaker and I did a workshop. At dinner she chose a seat next to me and so began our fast friendship.

Elisabeth was one of the few people I’ve met who asked about my disability. Placing her hand on my artificial limb, she queried: Tell me what happened?

Subsequently she has had a story about our meeting in several of her books, her March/April 1989 newsletter and on numerous radio broadcasts:

There Are No Accidents
Author: Elisabeth Elliot

My friend Judy Squier of Portola Valley, California, is one of the most cheerful and radiant women I know. I met her first in a prayer meeting at the beginning of a conference. She was sitting in a wheel chair, and I noticed something funny about her legs. Later that day I saw her with no legs at all. In the evening she was walking around with crutches. Of course I had to ask her some questions. She was born with no legs; she had artificial ones which she used sometimes, but they were tiresome, she said (laughing) and she often left them behind.

When I heard of a little baby boy named Brandon Scott, born without arms or legs, I asked if she would write to his parents. She did:

The first thing I would say is that all that this entails is at least one hundred times harder on the parents than the child. A birth defect by God’s grace does not rob childhood of its wonder, nor is a child burdened by high expectations. Given a supportive, creative, and loving family, I know personally that I enjoyed not a less-than-average life nor an average life, but as I’ve told many, my life has been not ordinary but extra-ordinary.

I am convinced without a doubt that a loving Heavenly Father oversees the creative miracles in the inner sanctum of each mother’s womb (Psalm 139), and that in His sovereignty there are no accidents.

‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Creator calls a butterfly.’ As humanity we see only the imperfect, underside of God’s tapestry of our lives. What we judge to be ‘tragic–the most dreaded thing that could happen,’ I expect we’ll one day see as the awesome reason for the beauty and uniqueness of our life and our family. I think that’s why James 1:2 is a favorite verse of mine. Phillips’ translation put it this way: ‘When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives, my brothers, don’t resent them as intruders but welcome them as friends.’

I love Joni Eareckson Tada’s quote. When I saw it on the front of Moody Monthly, October 1982, I was convinced she’d penned the words for my epitaph. Now my husband David is aghast to hear me say I want it on my tombstone! Glory be!

People with disabilities are God’s best visual aids to demonstrate who He really is. His power shows up best in weakness. And who by the world’s standards is weaker than the mentally or physically disabled? As the world watches, these people persevere. They live, love, trust and obey Him. Eventually the world is forced to say, How great their God must be to inspire this kind of loyalty.

Being Christian didn’t shield my family from the pain and tears that came with my birth defect. In fact, ten years ago when David and I interviewed our parents for a Keepsake Tape, I was stunned to hear my mother’s true feelings. I asked her to tell the hardest thing in her life. Her response: ‘the day Judy Ann was born and it still is….’

And yet when we as a family look back over the years, our reflections are invariably silenced by the wonder of God’s handiwork. Someday I hope to put it in a book and I know it will be to the glory of God.

Getting married and becoming a mother were dreams I never dared to dream, but God, the doer of all miracles intended that my life be blessed with an incredible husband and three daughters. Emily is nine, Betsy will soon be seven, and Naphtalie Joy is four. I’ve decided that every handicapped person needs at least one child. They are fantastic helpers and so willing to let me ‘borrow their legs’ when I need help.

You as a family have been chosen in a special way to display His unique Masterwork. I pray that your roots of faith will grow deep down into the faithfulness of God’s Loving Plan, that you will exchange your inadequacy for the Adequacy of Jesus’ resurrection power, and that you will be awed as you witness the fruits of the Spirit manifested in your family.

– Judy’s letter to the Scott Family in 1988 –

~ ~ ~

I think of Elisabeth so often, remembering how she had so much to do as a conference speaker, an author, upholder of the Biblical world view throughout the world; she had her radio broadcast, her family, how did she do all that had to be done?

She shared her secret with me in a tract containing one of her favorite poems, one she made famous. I dedicate Elisabeth’s poem to All my busy friends, who like me aren’t sure what to do first on our bursting-at-the-seams schedules:

Do the Next Thing
Author Unknown
(A poem quoted by Elisabeth Elliot)

“At an old English parsonage down by the sea,
there came in the twilight a message to me.
Its quaint Saxon legend deeply engraven that,
as it seems to me, teaching from heaven.

And all through the hours the quiet words ring,
like a low inspiration, ‘Do the next thing.’
Many a questioning, many a fear,
many a doubt hath its quieting here.

Moment by moment, let down from heaven,
time, opportunity, guidance are given.
Fear not tomorrow, child of the King,
trust that with Jesus, do the next thing.

Do it immediately, do it with prayer,
do it reliantly, casting all care.
Do it with reverence, tracing His hand,
who placed it before thee with earnest command.

Stayed on omnipotence, safe ‘neath His wing,
leave all resultings, do the next thing.
Looking to Jesus, ever serener,
working or suffering be thy demeanor,
in His dear presence, the rest of His calm,
the light of His countenance, be thy psalm.
Do the next thing.”

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