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She's Turning 70!

Could it be? She’s Turning 70!

Decade birthdays are not for the faint of heart.  Just the thought of my 60th birthday a decade ago paralyzed me. I told my three daughters to expect to find me comatosed that birthday morning. Daughter Elizabeth arranged a limo (not a hearse) to transport me (not to the cemetery), but to a surprise gathering of many friends at Lisa’s Tea Treasures near our home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the friends at the party, Mary Schaller, gave me a customized birthday gift of 60 footprints, inscribed with “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of good things.” (Romans 10:15) Her gift jolted me out of my self-centeredness to the realization that God had grown me spiritual feet which she said “would run others right into His presence.” And didn’t El Elyon, the Most High God choose 36 inch short  Judy to carry His Good News to the disabled in Romania, and ultimately to Thailand and Brazil and throughout the USA? Proof that footless folks can have beautiful feet.

One of Mary’s 60 Feet for My Sixtieth

One of Mary’s 60 Feet for My Sixtieth

Now I’m carrying Mary’s foot idea into my seventh decade. Upon request, hubby David made me 70 copies of our grandson Finn’s footprint. One for each of the seventy people who have left their footprints on my heart. Each foot represents a family member or friend, who has helped me, heard me, held me, held me accountable and heralded me on.  To each and every one I am eternally grateful  that you allowed God to use you to mold me into who I am today.

Footprints on My Heart Poster

Seventy Footprints on My Heart

What about You?

Now I must ask: How about making a list of your own containing those who have left footprints on your heart? Not one of us makes it through this life solo, do we? Adam had his Eve, Moses had his Aaron and Hur, Ruth had her Naomi, Jonah had his whale, Job had his 3 friends (with friends like that who needs enemies?) and Jesus had his disciples.

Instantly certain prize people will come to mind. I listed them chronologically. But what about those we’d nominate for the booby prize. Booby-prizers did not make it to my poster, though God uses each experience and each person to mold us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. No thing and no one is wasted in God’s economy.

Just so you know Footprint Number 1 for me is Elohim – the Creator God Who met me in utero and over the past seventy years has proven my birth defect was no fetal fluke, but holy design. And Footprint Number 70 is Yeshua – the Hebrew name for the English name JESUS. Yeshua  has companioned with me in the pit of those early wilderness years. He’s walked with me, carried me when necessary – my Forever Escort from the womb to the tomb.

“How do you pronounce the name Yeshua?” I asked a Jewish Christian friend recently.

“YeShoea,” she answered with the emphasis on the middle syllable.

“YeSHOEa. Shoe? Shoe!” I was overjoyed to discover the correct pronunciation of Yeshua tied in so perfectly with my story. I met Him, thanks to my orthopedic shoe. And His redeeming love (Go’el the Redeemer) turned the shame and pain of my birth defect gold. My gold shoe is proof of that.

My Gold Shoe

My Seventy Year Young Gold Shoe

As we see the Lord’s footprints throughout our story, He becomes the love of our life. I love Him and I also love feet and shoes. I love shoes of every kind and my shoe collection keeps growing.  High up on the top shelf of my closet (since I can’t wear them) are a pair of  pearl- bedecked high heels from a friend in Texas, pink cowgirl boots from a little girl in Michigan, a bronze penny-loafer from a shoe-lover in Nebraska and a pair of rooster slippers, that I couldn’t resist at Goodwill. My life is filled with an ever-growing number of shoes as people see God in my gold shoe story.

My most recent shoe was a gift from 90 year young Alice who attended my Living in the Names of God Retreat. She accompanied this prize Rogue River rock with a piece of paper containing these wise words:

New to My Collection

New to My Collection: The Master’s Shoe

This year I’ve added The Master’s shoe to my collection. But please excuse me. I have to go now and blow out my 70 candles before they burn the house down. And the cake?  A carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in the shape of my gold shoe.

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Your 2015 Challenge: It’s Time to Take on Your Legacy


My Artificial Limbs Stepped Out of Storage for This Photo

Oh so many winters ago, lonely, broken-at-birth Little Judy filled endless week ends sitting at our family’s piano playing hymns. Living for Jesus was a favorite, though I secretly wondered: “Lord, will there be a blessing with my name on it?”

Living for Jesus a life that is true,
Striving to please Him in all that I do;
Yielding allegiance, glad-hearted and free,
This is the pathway of blessing for me.

Three score plus ten years later my life overflows with blessings beyond measure so that I’ve declared 2015 the jubilee year of my life!

If jubilee means celebration, festivity, gala, I say ‘bring out the balloons’ as I celebrate 70 years of God’s faithfulness. For out of His Fullness we all received one grace after another, spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, even favor upon favor and gift heaped upon gift. (John 1:16 AMP)

Indeed His Majesty showed up in the wilderness years turning my missing legs into spiritual limbs – His Masterpiece. I’ve progressed from living for Jesus, as the hymn describes, to living in Christ, to living in the names of God as described in my Living in the Names of God chapter and Bible study books. And in 2015 my focus turns to ‘living my legacy.’ What do I want to be remembered for? What do you want to be remembered for?

Dr. James Dobson answers that question in his new book Your Legacy: Your Greatest Gift, in which he encourages us to make our highest priority introducing our family and friends to Jesus Christ. Dr. Dobson describes legacy as what we do in someone versus an inheritance being what we give to someone. For me, what I do in someone is based on what Jesus Christ has done in me. Jesus and Judy, we’re a team.

Recently I realized, I’ve already written my LEGacy! My life story – a life lived in relationship with Jesus – fills the pages of His Majesty in Brokenness and Living in the Names of God. Hmmm, it’s interesting how God chose me, the lady with no legs to encourage people to identify their LEGacy.

Each one of us is living our legacy right now. How are we going to preserve it? Make 2015 the year you collect photos and write short stories that highlight God’s presence in your life. As you savor the memories be on the lookout for a key picture that conveys your life message. Be forewarned: The photo may land on the front cover of your book, like mine did.

JudySquier_HisMajestyInBrokennessMaybe you are a person of few words. You might be thinking, “I can’t even fill out the grandmother’s or grandfather’s memory books. How can I write a book?”

  • Do you sew? Make a life story quilt out of fabric or if you don’t sew –
    create it out of paper.
  • Design a map of your life with emphasis on your spiritual milestones.
  • Fill a shoebox or hope chest with memorabilia that tells your story.
  • Make a list of your 100 Favorite Bible Verses to give to your family.
    (My friend Terri is currently making a butterfly chain containing her much loved verses. Can’t wait to see it.)
  • Make sure you are writing names and dates of special God-moments in your Bible margins. Our worn Bibles carry our legacy.
  • Record how the God with oh-so-many-names has shown up in your life. (My cousin Sue compiled a list of her favorite Hebrew names of God and how they have appeared in her story. Her adult children received the list as a 2014 Christmas present.)
  • Make keepsake CD’s or DVD’s of your life. (David and I are thankful we did this before our parents died to keep their voices and their stories alive for ourselves and the future generations.)

On and on go the ideas.

I’ve decided to do something unique this year to commemorate my seventy years. David will print 70 copies of our grandson Finn’s tiny foot on which I will record the names of individuals who have left their footprints on my heart.

What about you? Are you ready to take on the challenge? I’d love to hear what creative ideas Elohim and you come up with to archive your legacy. Contact me at

To get you started –
7 Good Books to Assist You in Identifying Your Legacy


  1. Guiding Autobiography Groups for Older Adults: Exploring the Fabric of Life
    by James E. Birren and Donna E. Deutchman.
  2. My Paper Memory Quilt: A Family History Pack
    by Bill Zimmerman.
  3. Passing On a Written Legacy: An Easy Guide to Memory Writing
    by Lana Rockwell.
  4. Remembering Your Story: Creating Your Own Spiritual Autobiography
    by Richard L. Morgan.
  5. Spiritual Autobiography: Discovering and Sharing Your Spiritual Story
    by Richard Peace.
  6. The Story of Your Life: Writing a Spiritual Autobiography: A Step-by-Step Approach to Exploring Your Past and Understanding Your Present
    by Dan Wakefield.
  7. Your Legacy: Your Greatest Gift
    by Dr. James Dobson

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Have You Seen Him Yet?


Artist Credit: Tracy Kindler at

Have you seen Him yet today?

I love seeing God in everyday places.
Just last week I saw Elohim (Creator God) as I enjoyed His magnificent Pacific
Ocean outside our beach house vacation spot; Upon returning home,
I thanked Jehovah Jireh (The Lord will Provide) for His umbrella of grace that
protected a cardboard box of my books left out in the rain by the mail carrier;
And daily I rely on of El Shaddai Who replaces my Never Enough (energy, patience, creativity) with His More than Enough.

 For the past 25 years I have lived my life in the names of God.
Living in the names of God. What does that mean?
I’ve written two books about it,
however, my five-year-old granddaughter Brianna answered the question
in three short sentences recently.
“Mom, where is God?” popped out of her mouth one morning
as our daughter Elizabeth was driving her to school.”
“In Heaven,” her mom answered.
“No, mom, He’s sitting in the front seat next to you.”
“Good Morning, God, how are You?” her mom replied.
“Mom, He says He loves you,” was Brianna’s inspired response.

 As Christmas 2014 draws near and the New Year 2015 rounds the corner,
I want to help others experience His presence.
Therefore, I am making available my Living in the Names of God books
as a gift option for family members and friends on your Christmas list.
The books contain God stories and Bible study lessons designed:
To help the reader fathom the reality that
God is in the front seat next to them,
He loves them and is even their Personal Cheerleader.

 Case in point:

I learned of Sherry’s story just yesterday through a mutual friend, Darlene, who told me of Sherry’s recent ordeal with severely swollen and pain-ridden hands. Weeks of testing resulted in a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

Come to find out Sherry is a lover of teddy bears, frequently giving them to hospice patients that she visits. So no one was surprised when she bought herself a teddy bear to accompany her to her many medical appointments. She named her companion bear RA for rheumatoid arthritis.

When friend Darlene heard the RA teddy bear story, she was excited to tell Sherry about my JEHOVAH RAAH chapter in my Living in the Names of God book. “Jehovah RAAH, RAAH, RAAH is the Shepherd God who cheers on His little lambs, when we hurt or are afraid,” Darlene explained to Sherry.

Immediately Sherry switched the teddy bear’s name from RA to RAAH, as she recognized the presence of her Shepherd Cheerleader in her arthritis journey. Cognizant of His presence, Sherry was able to replace the RA (rheumatoid arthritis) with RAAH, the cheers of her ever-present God, Who wrapped her in His Promise: Fear not, Little Lamb, I’m here with you and everything’s going to be alright.

Sherry’s spirit is calmed as she connects the dots, Shhh…It’s Him.

And that’s my prayer for you, for your family, for your friends – that you all will catch yourself saying “Shhhh….It’s Him”  as you recognize His comforting and empowering presence in the days ahead.

Christmas Special Gift Set


I am offering my two books – Living in the Names of God
and its companion Living in the Names of God Bible Study for $20 per set.
That includes FREE gift wrapping. I look forward to personalizing them
with the name of the recipient and with your name as the gift giver.

Payment Details

 You may place your order and make your payment as follows:

  1. Via Paypal at my website:
  2. Or via US Post office:  Send order to 1800 E. Jones Creek Rd., Grants Pass, OR 97526. Make your check payable to Judy Squier. Cost is $20 + $4.50 Shipping & Handling
    Be sure and provide the recipient’s name and address along with your own.

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An Evening to Remember!

An Evening with Joni Eareckson Tada, Kara Ferris, and Shirley!!!!

Definitely in the Top Ten of my life experiences!!
I LOVED heart to heart conversation with a humble servant of the King –
and two hours of sharing war stories and WOW stories…
It felt afterwards like I’d just been to the prom…


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The Love of a Grandma

Who would have thunk the golden years would be this full. The long, lonely hours of writing books have been replaced by the exciting opportunities of speaking around the country.

Then all of this is now punctuated by glorious grandma-moments with daughter Betsy’s 3 children half an hour away in Southern Oregon and monthly visits to care for daughter Emily’s new son in Northern CA. Some aspects of grandma-hood however are not for the faint-of-heart as seen in this short video clip.

Dear God, keep this grandma strong for the climb!

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Cooling Thoughts Amidst a Southern Oregon Scorcher

legless-doll-photoAs the summer temperatures top 100 this killer-July in southern Oregon, I am cooled by an eyelet-clad doll standing on a shelf in my office.

She was a gift designed and created by a dear lady in a retirement home where I spoke not too long ago.

Two things about this little Judy doll touch my heart.
She has no legs, just like me.
And the designer chose curly blond locks in place of my white hair.

Yes, it’s true I have no physical legs, but thankfully, God has crafted me strong spiritual limbs, that run others right into His presence as I distribute my three books and give speeches to young and old.

And my kewpie doll’s blond curls validate Psalm103:5b from the Message Bible: You’re always young in His presence. (A promise that I value more and more!)

Grateful am I, this hot day, for the wise octogenarian, who is now with the Lord, who gave me a tangible reminder of how cool God’s love is.

And I’m claiming God’s promise in Isaiah 46:4 to turn down the heat on the aging process: Even to your old age I am He, and even to hair white with age will I carry you. I have made, and I will bear; yes, I will carry and will save you. (Amplified Bible)

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Bible Study Kindle Release Sale: July 8-12th

Celebrating the Kindle Release of the Living in the Names of God Companion Bible Study. Take advantage of this 5 day special and download the Kindle Bible Study for FREE! Sale ends July 12th! Remember the Bible Study is designed to be a companion guide to the Living in the Names of God chapter book which is also available on Kindle and Amazon.

View Kindle Offer Here:

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First a Speaker. . .Then a Writer

I tell people that I’m a sJudySpeech1peaker first, then a writer.

I gave my first speech at age 13, but didn’t begin taking writing classes until I was almost 50 years old. Writing is work for me, whereas delivering a speech is my joy!

It’s interesting how the chore called writing has enhanced my joy called speaking. Speaking opportunities were few and far between pre-publication of my books, but that changed drastically when His Majesty in Brokenness was born.

Now David and Judy go where the books lead. First came His Majesty in Brokenness, then Living in the Names of God and most recently the Living in the Names of God Bible Study – with each book come more invitations to speak: Atlanta, San Antonio, Seattle, Portland, Colorado Springs, San Francisco Bay Area.

The venues vary and I love every one:

  • Brunches, luncheons and teas
  • Church services
  • Christian schools
  • Bible study groups
  • Hospital support groups
  • Christian Women’s Clubs
  • Weekend retreats
Teaching on Living in the Names of God at a Women’s Retreat

Teaching on Living in the Names of God at a Women’s Retreat

Judy Speech at Tea

“His Name is Wonderful” Talk at a Women’s Tea

How I treasure the rapt attention of audiences of all ages as I tell my Jesus-Judy stories – how Jesus met me in the pit, cheerleading me on and carrying me out. And that same Jesus wants to meet you in your pit.

I love the heart connections that follow the talks, when people tell me that my stories help them see God in their story.


Connecting with Guests while Signing Books

I count it a privilege to encourage the grief-stricken, the devastated and those with brokenness of all sorts. I knew my story of brokenness would strike a universal chord, even as Christian editors rejected my submitted chapter manuscripts. Over and again I was shot down by these words: “Your message, Judy, is good but limited to too small of a population – those who are physically disabled and their families. Christian publishers are looking for material that will reach a broader audience.”

From deep down inside I would counter their No-Thank-You’s with, “Aren’t we all disabled?”

God knew what they didn’t know: Elohim, the Creator God who makes no mistakes. would use a woman with no legs and feet to get His foot in the door to heal humanity’s pain and shame, be it physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social, financial, and above all else, spiritual.

Yes, we are all broken. And classic God-style is to choose a blatantly-broken spokesperson like me to publicly model connecting brokenness with the Only One Who Can Mend Us – Jesus Christ Himself.

Satan licks his chops intending that humanity’s suffering kill, steal and destroy, but Jesus Christ disabled all forms of dis-ability on the cross turning the sting into holy ground.

What an honor to help others peak out of the storm cellars of their lives to behold the nail-scarred hand of Jesus welcoming them, oh, so tenderly:

Hand over your handicaps. Give Me your physical, and emotional wheelchairs. I’ll take your empty chairs of loneliness. Your size 4X shirt. Your unresolved conflicts at home and at work. Give me your bankruptcy papers. Your tear-filled hankies. Your shame. Your aging body. Your stumbling block of can-do pride. Entrust to Me your sense of unworthiness. Your fear of tomorrow.

The battle’s won. From now on, we’re a team. I AM yours and you are Mine. Whatever you need, I AM!

A Million Dollar hug from a little boy following a speech in Georgia.

A Million Dollar hug from a little boy following a speech in Georgia.

I love the afterglow of a speech – a time of connecting, a time of rejoicing. I thought my 2013 hug from little Brantley in a church outside of Atlanta could never be topped. Initially I thought this little guy must have mistaken me for someone famous, as he and his little ankle braces ran unabashedly into my arms to deliver his million-dollar hug. I heard and received his message loud and clear: “We’re special and don’t forget it!”

Just recently Brantley’s power-packed hug was equaled – once again by a little child who was one of 500 first through eighth-graders attending her school’s weekly chapel.

Little Lizzie, a first-grader struggling with dyslexia, told her mom the following: “We had a speaker in chapel today, Mom. Her name was Judy and she was born without legs. Judy doesn’t struggle with reading like I do, but Judy had lots of struggles. It’s okay because God used them and He’ll use mine too. You know, Mom, my brain is like Judy’s legs!”


Judy with three dear 5th graders at Christian School Talk

Lord, help us all to connect the dots like Wise Lizzie, Your little lamb with dyslexia.

Thanks for inspiring me, precious Lizzie. You inspire me so that more than ever I want to get the message out: Indeed, His Majesty meets us in our brokenness and from that wasteland He promises to make His Masterpiece!

My bags are packed. My speeches are ready. I invite any one of you to call me or e-mail me. Do you need a speaker at your church, your club, your school, or your retreat? I’m on a roll, blessed by God’s promise in Isaiah 61:1 The Spirit of the Lord God is on me. The Lord has chosen me to tell good news to the poor and to comfort those who are sad. He sent me to tell the captives and prisoners that they have been set free. (ERV Easy-to-read Version)

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The Living in the Names of God Bible Study is Now Available!

“To God be the Glory, great things He hath done…”

My spirit is singing these words loud and clear!
However, saying “yes” to a book in one’s belly is not for sissies. Writing then rewriting ad infinitum, then editing and reediting and reediting again seemed endless. But thankfully Jehovah Raah’s cheers (raah, raah, raah!) kept this old lady going. What a relief to know the Lord as the Author and Finisher and me as His scribe. Then came the glorious day. . .

JudySquier_LivingInNamesOfGod_BibleStudyPinch me, graphic designer Naphy! Are we really across the finish line? Twice we thought we were there, then the finish line moved! But the third time this mother-daughter team submitted the manuscript to was a win. Thank You, Lord!

You’ll meet some new participants in this book:

  • Meet Pastor Don Needham from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. He wrote the preface, but more than that he was my go-to when I needed theological counsel. David and I met Don on a Joni and Friends Wheels for the World mission trip to Rio de Janeiro in 2010. Delighted were we to discover a shared love for the Old Testament Hebrew names of God!
  • Meet Mia Moreing Russell, an artist who granted permission to share her names of God art. Her drawings were inspired as she learned to know God more deeply through my Living in the Names of God chapter book. After each chapter, she drew a tribute to His name. Enjoy her black and white pictures in the new Bible Study book, but be sure to also go to her coming soon website: to see what she sketched and painted in vibrant colors.
  • Meet Amy Mayfield, a retired textbook editor who now has a booming pet-sitting business in southwest Oregon. She’s Auntie Amy to our two dachsies, Joshua Gunther von Squier III and Gretel Grace I. She kept busy this winter doing an in-depth content edit and then a proofread while holding Gretel Grace on her lap and kicking tennis balls for our addicted-to-fetching Mr. Gunther.

LivingInTheNamesOfGod-2BooksUsed in conjunction with the Living in the Names of God chapter book, this companion Bible Study will take you beyond my personal experiences with God into the lives of biblical characters and – even better – into your own life. As you honestly and prayerfully work through the questions, you will discover God’s involvement in your life in ways you never realized before.

The lessons are designed for individual and/or group study and are appropriate for the following:

  • Inquirers: those who are experiencing a curiosity about God
  • Seekers: those who sense God tugging at their heart
  • Finders: those who welcome names to ascribe to the God they love

Along with the new book I am always available to speak (truly I am a speaker first, then a writer). I have given Names of God talks in several churches already and just this weekend conducted the first Living in the Names of God Ladies Retreat (men would have enjoyed it too). Together we chronicled our spiritual journeys by identifying which names of God met us along the way.

My prayer is that learning to know God on a first-name basis will ignite an ever-deepening love affair between you and the One whose grandeur requires oh-so-many names.  Now let your God hunt begin: Let those on the hunt for You – sing and celebrate. (Psalm 70:4 MSG)

So without further ado – here is my new book!

LINOG_BS-Cover_4-8-14-correctedLiving in the Names of God Bible Study is available for $12.50 on my website: and Amazon. A Kindle version will be available soon!

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Judy Squier’s on a Roll . . . Finally!

I’ve set my deadline to get my Living in the Names of God bible studies to Createspace for publication. Soooo that means I become a recluse – David slips food under my office door; He pulls the plug if my phone call exceeds 5 minutes. I am allowed to sleep and so far God has allowed me to indulge in food rewards. Yes, you may stop in with Dairy Queen blizzards or that killer chocolate cake from Costco. Just slide it under my office door.

My love affair with the names of God is on the move.

I am tickled that as she reads about one of the names in Living in the Names of God, she draws the name. Here’s one of Mia’s artistic expressions:

Jehovah-Raah_Mia-Russell-2014-1You’ll be seeing more of them.

Armida attended the Names of God bible study at our church in 2012-2013.
She poetically displays what the Hebrew names represent. I love how she captures the heart of who He is. Amazing how she captures the meaning in so few words.

Here is one of her poems:


His name is El Shaddai — the All-Sufficient One
He fills my soul and makes me know that besides Him, there is none.
There are so many things I know I cannot do or be;
But quietly He whispers, “For all these, you have Me.”

Whether it’s finding my way in retirement, with time I didn’t have before,
He beckons to me to be still: He promises to tell me more.
As I sit at His feet and nervously wonder what I’ll do with each hour,
He says to me, in such a gentle tone, “In Me — with Me– is your power.”

“You can stop the worrying, anxious thoughts as you search to find your place.
Wait on Me; Listen to Me and always seek My face.
Whatever you do; wherever you go — it’s a daily walk with Me.
I’ve ordered your steps; I’ll see you through: I’m your All-Sufficiency.”

“So trust Me in the unfamiliar places that scare you because they’re new,
Remember, I’ve planned and prepared them all – and put them there just for you.
You feel inadequate, unprepared –for all disqualified
But these very things are My instruments to bring you to My side.”

“Drink deeply of Me, be satisfied — you won’t exhaust My store;
No matter how much you think you’ve taken; remember, there’s always more.
To encourage your dependence on Me, the road is sometimes steep,
It serves My purpose to teach you yet, in Me your confidence to keep.”

“Rejoice in the challenges; I’ve put them there for godly character to build;
Trust in Me for for everything, and with joy your heart will be filled.
You really can’t do life on your own; it’s all orchestrated by Me
I’m your power, your strength, your all in all: your All-Sufficiency.”

M. Armida Snyder
January 11, 2013

Then came Shelley’s surprise box. I wouldn’t let myself open it until I finished writing my Jehovah Tsidkenu bible study, which by the way turned out to be the hardest so far. Three days later I finally earned the right to open it.

OH MY!!! Look at this masterpiece:

Names-of-God-Rock_Shelley-2014-1Shelley, how do you do it? And what happens if you goof? Do you begin again with another rock?

What about you?
Those of you who have read or are in the process of reading Living in the Names of God, have you seen Him? Have you found a creative expression to convey a growing love for Him? Show and Tell me how you are living out what you have learned. Can’t wait to hear from you. Remember I won’t be answering the door this month, so slip your drawing or poem or whatever under my office door.

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