Judy Squier’s on a Roll . . . Finally!

I’ve set my deadline to get my Living in the Names of God bible studies to Createspace for publication. Soooo that means I become a recluse – David slips food under my office door; He pulls the plug if my phone call exceeds 5 minutes. I am allowed to sleep and so far God has allowed me to indulge in food rewards. Yes, you may stop in with Dairy Queen blizzards or that killer chocolate cake from Costco. Just slide it under my office door.

My love affair with the names of God is on the move.

I am tickled that as she reads about one of the names in Living in the Names of God, she draws the name. Here’s one of Mia’s artistic expressions:

Jehovah-Raah_Mia-Russell-2014-1You’ll be seeing more of them.

Armida attended the Names of God bible study at our church in 2012-2013.
She poetically displays what the Hebrew names represent. I love how she captures the heart of who He is. Amazing how she captures the meaning in so few words.

Here is one of her poems:


His name is El Shaddai — the All-Sufficient One
He fills my soul and makes me know that besides Him, there is none.
There are so many things I know I cannot do or be;
But quietly He whispers, “For all these, you have Me.”

Whether it’s finding my way in retirement, with time I didn’t have before,
He beckons to me to be still: He promises to tell me more.
As I sit at His feet and nervously wonder what I’ll do with each hour,
He says to me, in such a gentle tone, “In Me — with Me– is your power.”

“You can stop the worrying, anxious thoughts as you search to find your place.
Wait on Me; Listen to Me and always seek My face.
Whatever you do; wherever you go — it’s a daily walk with Me.
I’ve ordered your steps; I’ll see you through: I’m your All-Sufficiency.”

“So trust Me in the unfamiliar places that scare you because they’re new,
Remember, I’ve planned and prepared them all – and put them there just for you.
You feel inadequate, unprepared –for all disqualified
But these very things are My instruments to bring you to My side.”

“Drink deeply of Me, be satisfied — you won’t exhaust My store;
No matter how much you think you’ve taken; remember, there’s always more.
To encourage your dependence on Me, the road is sometimes steep,
It serves My purpose to teach you yet, in Me your confidence to keep.”

“Rejoice in the challenges; I’ve put them there for godly character to build;
Trust in Me for for everything, and with joy your heart will be filled.
You really can’t do life on your own; it’s all orchestrated by Me
I’m your power, your strength, your all in all: your All-Sufficiency.”

M. Armida Snyder
January 11, 2013

Then came Shelley’s surprise box. I wouldn’t let myself open it until I finished writing my Jehovah Tsidkenu bible study, which by the way turned out to be the hardest so far. Three days later I finally earned the right to open it.

OH MY!!! Look at this masterpiece:

Names-of-God-Rock_Shelley-2014-1Shelley, how do you do it? And what happens if you goof? Do you begin again with another rock?

What about you?
Those of you who have read or are in the process of reading Living in the Names of God, have you seen Him? Have you found a creative expression to convey a growing love for Him? Show and Tell me how you are living out what you have learned. Can’t wait to hear from you. Remember I won’t be answering the door this month, so slip your drawing or poem or whatever under my office door.

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Judy Squier born without complete legs, learned early on about God's presence in suffering. She's been an inspirational speaker since age thirteen with a passion to help others find God's gold in the rubble of their lives. Judy is the mother of three adult daughters and lives with her husband, David, in southern Oregon.
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One Response to Judy Squier’s on a Roll . . . Finally!

  1. Kabrib36353@yahoo.com says:

    God has blessed you so much! You are truly an artist! Beautiful! I still cherish the plaque you painted for me, and I don’t know of a better way to serve God, then to study His word, and help others serve Him, the way that you do.
    More and more, it is becoming increasingly evident, that Christians are set apart from this dark world. All the evils in the world, abortion, adultery, child abuse, addictions, the mocking and persecution and murder of Christians… Christ foretold us 2000 years ago that it would happen… ,
    All this stems from America drifting away from His word, which is so egregious to my moral character, and the worlds moral character. I have been guilty of this, especially lately. (Being too busy to study Gods Holy Word, when it should always be priority in my list of activities.) Thank you for making it easier for “less organized” people like me to focus on God the Father, The Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I can’t tell you how excited all the ladies in the church were to read your latest book. I didn’t have enough copies for everyone, so they have a “borrow and share list” in order for them all to be able to read it and be blessed. And, we can all be blessed by the Bible studies afterwards. Thank you again, for always being so caring, with a burden for sharing Gods’ word and showing his love.


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