Where’s Doctor Dobson?

I can’t imagine my life as Mrs. David Squier nor mother to Emily, Betsy Boop and Naphtalie without the radio broadcasts of Dr. James Dobson, America’s family counselor. How many of us were empowered in our quest to become Godly men and women, husbands and wives and Godly parents – thanks to Dr. Dobson’s daily interviews of people of faith in all walks of life? All the kids in Portola Valley, California knew silence was enforced at the Squier House twice a day – first for Dr. Dobson and then for Paul Harvey.

But then one day about three years ago Jim Dobson disappeared. Tuning into Focus on the Family, I discovered another Jim was broadcasting in his place.

Where’s Dr. Dobson?
Did he retire?
Lord, You know I need his Biblical counsel for grandma-hood!

I’m happy to report Dr. Dobson has been found. We saw him alive and well, stronger than ever, as David and I joined 40 other couples for a Valentine’s weekend in Palm Springs, California. The event was hosted by the entire Dobson family and the staff for a ministry called FamilyTalk, which was birthed the day after Focus on the Family retired their founder in 2010.

Ryan Dobson, Luanne Crane and Dr. Dobson

Ryan Dobson, Luanne Crane and Dr. Dobson

FamilyTalk airs throughout the week for half hour interviews and is hosted by Dr. Dobson (www.drjamesdobson.org) and co-hosted by his son Ryan and Luanne Crane. The program can be found on 1100 stations throughout the country. (Check the above website) If your town doesn’t yet carry it, you can listen by downloading from Dr. Dobson’s website and click on BROADCASTS (top middle of the screen).

In addition to the beloved radio programs, Dr. Dobson and his staff are tackling the formidable assignment of converting his 40 years of timeless wisdom into the largest, searchable library of family resources ever created using today’s technology. Our computer-savvy children and grandchildren will soon be able to access sound Judeo Christian answers to their endless questions about marriage, family and culture.

Furthermore FamilyTalk expects to complete a brand new eight part film series in 2013 called Building a Family Legacy. Who of us doesn’t remember the Turn Your Hearts Toward Home series in the 80’s, which was viewed by eighty million Americans, one third of the population in the United States?

JudySquierBlog_3-7-13_Dobson-4One more thing: Be sure and get your copy of Dr. Dobson and co-author Kurt Bruner’s first book in a three part series: Fatherless is a novel which vividly imagines a future thirty years down the road in which present-day cultural trends come to sinister fruition. Chapter One is a grabber as we read about the young disabled man being transitioned (a euphemism for euthanized). Why? To relieve his family and his society of any physical, emotional and financial burden. OUCH!

The Squiers left the conference inspired anew by 77 year old Dr. Dobson and his undying commitment to America’s families and to the Judeo-Christian foundation on which our nation was built.

We want to add our names and our resources as one of the 10,000,000 families who FamilyTalk seeks to impact in the next 1000 days.

Now that you, too, know where Dr. Dobson is, here is his contact information if you desire to companion with him to strengthen crumbling marriages, provide resources for stressed families, to speak into our declining culture, to spread the life-changing and nation-changing gospel of Jesus Christ:

FamilyTalk_logo-smallDr. James Dobson’s FamilyTalk,
540 Elkton Drive, Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: 877.732.6825


What an honor for Mr. & Mrs. Squier to meet Dr. & Mrs. Dobson

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  1. Sydna Masse says:

    I’m glad you found him again, sweet friend. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Toni Martin says:

    Lovely post – yes, I have enjoyed Dr. Dobson’s progrmas for years.

    We hope you can speak at GEMS again Judy!


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