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I post the following video clip to dispel any remnant myth that I am a Woman of Courage. Judy on the Slope is what my dear husband David put as a caption for my ride down the snow-covered hill in front of our home. Sweet that he didn’t caption it – My Dear Wife Screameth Yet Again.

My January, 2013 ride on the slope resulted when our son-in-law, Beau, decided two year old Luka and four year old Brianna needed to experience a ride on the snow. Watching them bravely and silently ride down our hill, I decided Granny Goose should join the fun. Fun? Fun when it ended, that is, but as you can see the downhill ride pushed this Old Goose’s fear button.

Those who know me well know I begin new situations with fear – until Jesus shows up. Then He and I do things I’d never sign up for – like motherhood, like mission trips to third-world countries, like writing a book, like finishing another book in 2013.

I always say Hannah Hurnard’s classic Hind’s Feet on High Places is the story of my life. Much Afraid and I share not only a disability, but a lack of courage. But fortunately we share the Good Shepherd – her Shepherd is my Shepherd and He manages to get each of us to the high places.

2013 will be filled with unknowns for all of us. My friend Shirley and I had mammograms two weeks ago and she’s scheduled for a double mastectomy. Please pray for her.

Fortunately God limits our vision to the present moment so we don’t know in advance what fearsome surprise tomorrow will bring. I’m told there are more than 365 Bible verses to battle fear – one for every day of the year. I’ve yet to find them all and until I do I’ll just keep screaming when life gets scary knowing that I can count on Jesus to show up to rescue me. And when He does, His presence alone will quiet me as His courage kicks in. His courage you know is big enough for all of us. So Much Afraid Squier is thanking Him in advance for His presence every day of this new year for me and for you.

PS Scream if you must. It sets people free to be real.

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Judy Squier born without complete legs, learned early on about God's presence in suffering. She's been an inspirational speaker since age thirteen with a passion to help others find God's gold in the rubble of their lives. Judy is the mother of three adult daughters and lives with her husband, David, in southern Oregon.
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  1. Robin Burgess says:

    Good job, Much Afraid Squier! And I thought I was the only Much Afraid around Grants Pass! Who knew we had a double sisterhood? It’s been pretty wonderful seeing Him transform you into Grace and Glory, I’d never have pegged you for Much Afraid, myself. Praise His name! ♥

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