Good Friday, 2012 Documentary

His Majesty and I have enjoyed amazing opportunities since my book His Majesty in Brokenness was published in August 2010. Book signings have felt like a warm hug from supportive friends and family. Tea parties, Christian Women’s Club talks, Broken and Beautiful retreats have all provided an opportunity to tell audiences to keep their eyes peeled for Jesus in their broken places.

Most recently Donna Schmid, the founder of Grants Pass’ Pathway to Authenticity contacted me wanting to do a short documentary on my life. She’s a motivational coach, a hypnotherapist and a massage therapist who helps people become connected body, mind and spirit.

In a phone conversation ahead of time, she asked, me, “Judy, what’s the one thing you would like to tell our viewers?” My immediate response that “I’d like to tell them we are all broken,” resulted in a long silence.

Finally Donna communicated, “I don’t think we are all broken.” Hmmm. Might a synonym help? No. She preferred the word victorious.

I suggested maybe she wanted to retract her invitation to me since our philosophies were polar opposites. No, she wanted to ponder brokenness and she’d call me back later.

Six hours later, an excited Donna greeted me. She related how after hanging up she went to visit her father-in-law at the local memory loss facility. Like never before she was struck by his broken speech and the many broken residents. Yes, she could now agree with my premise about universal brokenness.

I praised her for her amazing 180; she shared more about her new discovery; then we picked a date for the filming. Recording it on my calendar, I realized the documentary would happen on Good Friday.

“Donna,” I wrote in an email, “speaking of brokenness, did you realize we are scheduled to meet on Good Friday? It’s the day in history when God Himself became broken so He could heal us and set us free.”

Her email back simply said, “WOW!”

Wow is more and more my response as I watch His Majesty fling open doors of opportunity. But He’s no longer limiting it to doors. He’s expanding his job description to bridge building. When Donna and I hit the wall between us, His Majesty built a bridge.

Together we thank Him because we are both enjoying a friendship that might not have happened.

And here’s the documentary she filmed and produced for a college class. Definitely an A+ product. You know which one I am, my new friend Donna is the young’un.

To learn more about Pathways to Authenticity, visit their website at:

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About Judy Squier

Judy Squier born without complete legs, learned early on about God's presence in suffering. She's been an inspirational speaker since age thirteen with a passion to help others find God's gold in the rubble of their lives. Judy is the mother of three adult daughters and lives with her husband, David, in southern Oregon.
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3 Responses to Good Friday, 2012 Documentary

  1. Nancy Rejholec says:

    My Dear Friends,
    This was beautiful and very well done. Thank You!
    Judy you were my inspiration from the very first day we met 58 years ago. Thank you for giving to the Lord and making a difference in mine and the lives of many. I remember our many visits and stays at Shriners. If it were not for God and Shriners where would we be? To think I remember us swimming in the pool and eating “Oreo Cookies”:-) God Richly Bless You Dear Friend! Nancy

  2. Donna Schmid says:

    Dearest Friend! – Among other things, God does have a unique way of being humorous! Do you remember how, for some mind blocking reason, I continued to spell your last name incorrectly. And, YOU, so graciously kept reminding me! Ugh!!!! Guess what? (Here’s where the humorous funny guy enters…) I am giggling since now I get to let you know that my last name is spelled incorrectly! Yes, my dearest friend – God got us both with a “blooper”!

    PS – No “t” please! (*giggle-giggle-giggle*!)

  3. joyce wierenga says:

    wonderful video, Judy- those yrs. I knew you in CA, with our little kids, you seemed so on top of your life, handling it all so well. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable in describing the brokenness you were experiencing. what a credit to God’s grace in your life… and your heart being attuned to His healing of your inner self.

    love- Joyce

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