Living on the Edge

Pinch me, is that really me gracing the forest on a flying trapeze?

Thanks to three committed guys – Brent , Jeff and my ever true David this old girl was blessed this week with the ride of a lifetime. They didn’t carry a Judy-filled stretcher up a flight of stairs and lower me through the roof to the feet of Jesus but they did drive me up the steep service trail, hooked me up, lowered me to the launch plank and gave me a shove. Like the friends in the Gospels, they got me there. God bless them.

Now I know how a seagull feels riding the sea breeze – free as a bird. I know now the security of His everlasting arms holding me as I take that leap of faith. And having experienced it kinesthetically, I can rest in the reality – You, Lord, are the wind beneath my wings.

Joni Camp is famous for providing the launch pad for scaredy-cats to take flight, conquering fears that are more paralyzing than quadriplegia. One little girl came specifically to overcome particular fears in her life. She told her mom, “I want to make fear walk the plank!”

Joni Camp is life changing… for me and for others. Who wouldn’t want to see for themselves in 2012?? Are you willing to live on the edge?

About Judy Squier

Judy Squier born without complete legs, learned early on about God's presence in suffering. She's been an inspirational speaker since age thirteen with a passion to help others find God's gold in the rubble of their lives. Judy is the mother of three adult daughters and lives with her husband, David, in southern Oregon.
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2 Responses to Living on the Edge

  1. Laura "Daisy" Cramp says:

    Can we go on the swing together next year? Do you know the dates yet for next year’s camp?

  2. Nancy Rejholec says:

    I will just watch you from my laptop, here in Illinois.
    I Love You! Thanks, for being obedient to God, and making a difference in the life of so many. Mine included! God Bless You!

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